What is the difference between a family veterinarian and a veterinary specialist?
A family veterinarian and a veterinary specialist both have earned their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, requiring an undergraduate degree, 4 years of veterinary college, and successful completion of the state and national licensing boards. Your family veterinarian is in general practice and has the primary responsibility to manage your petís overall health. A veterinary specialist has completed 4 additional years of specialty training. To become board-certified, they must also pass rigorous training and tests. Dr. Moore is a board-certified surgeon and Dr. Seaman-Kilcullen is a board-certified internist and oncologist.

Why would my pet need to go to a veterinary specialty hospital?
Your family veterinarian has referred your pet to us because your pet requires specialized testing, treatments or procedures that your family veterinarian does not offer, or because specialized care can improve your petís quality of life. Your veterinarianís decision to refer to Broward Veterinary Specialists means that the optimal care of your pet is your vetís primary concern. Our specialists at BVS work closely with your family veterinarian to coordinate your petís overall care plan. We make sure that you and your veterinarian are informed and consulted about all diagnostic and treatment decisions.

Can Broward Veterinary Specialists be my petís family veterinary clinic?
No, our practice only provides specialty services. Broward Veterinary Specialists works directly with your family veterinarian. When each veterinarian focuses on what they do best your pet gets the most comprehensive care possible.

For additional information or for answers to more specific questions, please call our office at 954.842.4000.

Dr. Kenneth Moore is a board-certified Veterinary Surgeon
Dr. Rebecca Seaman-Kilcullen is a board-certified Veterinary Internist and Oncologist