Bear is an 8 year old Chocolate Labrador. He was diagnosed with bone cancer in his front limb. Amputation of the limb was necessary to remove the tumor and make him pain-free. He was always a very active dog: swimming, hiking, running in the park. This video shows him happily returning to all of those activities within weeks of his amputation surgery.


I seriously love the entire start to finish with our encounter with Broward Vet. A few weeks ago on a mid-September nightly walk, our 200 lb Neapolitan Mastiff suddenly screeched out during a walk and began limping horribly.  We called our vet immediately and she referred us 45 minutes away to her favorite surgeon at Broward Vet.

  First – the receptionist, Ladell  –warm, friendly and communicative with how the [scary] process of surgery actually works.  Upon meeting the nurse, Amanda, and the surgeon, Dr Moore, we were able to breathe knowing how plain and simple the rather complex process of Knee Surgery works.  Dr Moore made clear the how, why, and what would take place.  He relieved our initial anxiety completely.  Dr Moore is obviously EXTREMELY experienced in this surgery and made us feel very comfortable. 

  Just after MiaChelli’s surgery, we were informed again how it went, how our dog was doing [fantastic, surprisingly] and that the night nurse would keep us posted.  I am not able to create words for how wonderful the night nurse, Jasmine, communicated her professionalism and ‘mom-love’ for the animals she cares for…one word “wow”.  Her level of care for our dog may have exceeded ours! 

 My favorite part is absolutely every prediction made by Dr Moore, Nurse Amanda, Nurse Jasmine of what was going to happen –happened!   The details are what made the ‘challenge’ – less challenging.    We followed their instructions, and our 200 lb dog was walking without the ‘crutch’ within one day.  Today – 2 weeks later, she looks fantastic [but for the shaved area J] and is moving almost effortlessly!  We are THRILLED.  Dr Moore is a hero and his staff is tremendous.

~Tashia & Brian R


    We first met Dr. Kenneth Moore when we were referred to him by a friend. Our Labrador Retriever had torn an ACL in her right hind leg. At the time, Dr. Moore was associated with another facility. We immediately were comfortable with Dr. Moore as he was both compassionate and friendly. It was also clear that he really appreciated and cared about animals. The only decision to make was that surgery was necessary and it was comforting to learn that Dr. Moore had performed thousands of these types of surgeries. The results were perfect and our dog Paige fully recovered and was like she was before her accident. The only discomforting fact was that Dr. Moore advised that with this breed of dog, there was a 50% chance that the same thing would happen to her other hind leg.

   Fast forward 18 months and, sure enough, our Lab tore her ACL in her left hind leg. There was no doubt who we would consult with, but we found that Dr. Moore had left the old facility and opened his own office in Hollywood, Florida, a 35-40 minute drive from where we live. However, that didn’t matter since we were so satisfied with Dr. Moore’s performance. His new office, Broward Veterinary Specialists, is quite a change from his former location. As a 24/7 emergency animal hospital, the Coral Springs location was exactly like going to any hospital…active, busy and slightly unnerving. Dr. Moore’s new location is quiet and comfortable as he only handles specific surgeries by appointment. There is no emergency room atmosphere.

   Our dog had her second ACL surgery two months ago and today had her scheduled check-up for x-rays and consultation. Everything is fine and she is now released from the normal restrictions that accompany surgery. Our Lab is on her way back to normal and, as any pet owner will understand, so are we! Dr. Moore and his staff are friendly, kind and always available to discuss your pet’s situation, even at night as there is always someone on duty after surgeries have been performed. As an additional note, we were fortunate to have Trupanion pet insurance which covered 90% of all medical bills.

  We volunteered to write this letter to show our appreciation for the wonderful services we received from Broward Veterinary Specialists and the great kindness and caring that was displayed by Dr. Moore. Whether surgery is a possibility or a necessity for your pet, make sure that Dr. Moore is one of the people you consult.


Sharon and Robert S.