Internal Medicine:
Diagnose and treat disorders of multiple body systems:
  • Immune diseases • Respiratory problems
  • Endocrine disorders  • Gastrointestinal disease 
  • Urogenital ailments  • Infectious disease 
  • Neurologic disease   • Renal disorders 
Dr. Seaman-Kilcullen is available to diagnose the single, multiple, or chronic disorders of dogs and cats and to determine the best therapy for a better quality of life.

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis but thanks to todayís rapid advances, detecting, attacking, and defeating cancer is more possible than ever before. Given the sweeping variety of new treatments now available, we are better than ever before at improving the quality of your petís life and in prolonging life.

At BVS we will see you and your pet as a family and will provide you with all available options for diagnostics and therapies so that you can decide, with our help and the help of your family veterinarian, what options are right for you.

We can offer supportive therapies such as nutritional support and pain management, vaccine therapy, metronomic therapy (daily small doses of oral medications to slow cancer growth), anti-angiogenic therapy (oral medications that slow tumor growth by attacking blood vessel growth) and chemotherapy. It is important to know that chemotherapy in pets is usually extremely well tolerated with minimal if any side effects!


Dr. Moore is a board-certified
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Seaman-Kilcullen is a board-certified
Veterinary Internist and Oncologist