Lameness Examination

Orthopedic Surgeries Including (but not limited to):

    TPLO (Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy)
    Extracapsular cruciate ligament repair
    Patella luxation repair
    Femoral head and neck excision
    Fracture repair

Soft Tissue Surgeries
  Abdominal: Gastrointestinal surgery, nephrectomy, gall bladder removal, liver tumor removal, bladder surgery, splenectomy, liver shunt surgery.
  Thoracic: Lung tumor removal, pericardectomy, rib tumor removal.
  Skin: Mass excision, total ear canal ablation.
  Head / neck: Laryngeal paralysis surgery, thyroidectomy, parathyroidectomy, oral tumor excision.
  Other: Perineal urethrostomy, perineal hernia repair

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Dr. Moore is a board-certified
Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Seaman-Kilcullen is a board-certified
Veterinary Internist and Oncologist